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The Succulent Family, a CERAMIC exhibition

Keramik im Reichen-Hof, Berlin Kreuzberg 

14.,15., 21. und 22. August 2020 und per Post

also available by mail

The three Daughters and the Orphan son of a thousand people

The daughters were born before the mother.

All born to hold - they are bowls- all three born with feet, all three born from the food of trees,

the soil, the water, the air and the fire.

This is The Succulent Family

Daughter 1 - Vivienne

Vivi or the Cabaret Bitch

Can you hear her coming? Stomping, confident, she owns this table and she knows it. Her boots well tight , her skirt waving , she dances in circles bringing smells from the forest.

Vivi holds her skirt up:

“What? You ‘ve never seen?” and she laughs.

Her skirt upside down, she holds for you to take: “So take!!!”

(she says) Bonbons, biscuits, chips (Yes, those things once you start you can’t stop) Under her skirt she holds that juicy sauce. Put her on your table. Her stage. Your Cabaret. So pretty.

So elegant. “Come on” , she says, “take it! More darling… Here, the spoon…” and she dances in circles.

Price : 25 Euros Height: 12cm/ Diameter: 60cm

Daughter 2 - Olivia Bark

Her bark wears the inscriptions lovers in love wrote in it. Years of inscriptions, make that elegant lace dress. High collar and a tiny button. Her white gloves reaching her elbows. A promenade. The XVIII century manicured

garden is now full of weeds. She is different,

she likes it better that way.

Because who decides you are a weed?

You are a plant. Like me.

Price : 25 Euros

Height: 9,5cm / Diameter:61,2cm

To buy contact

Daughter 3 - Baby Rosti

This gentle monster likes to pick up fruits in the woods. He has arms, so hold him. He is a baby after all. Hold him and go pick up fruits. His tongue is blue from the blueberries and his sleeves now red from the cherries . Oh! He sits on the cherry tree. He is a sweet monster. We call him Rosti because he likes to eat Rosti with the children. Now that we talk about it… Mainly, he likes to eat. We call him “he” but he is a daughter.

Price: 25 Euros Height: 61,5cm/ Diameter: 12,5cm

The Son of a Thousand Persons

Once upon a time there were three little pigs… and they were only three because the 4th little pig left. He didn’t take no straw, no sticks nor bricks. He didn’t build a house. He started to walk , and he walked in the world for years. When he arrived to the end of the world he said: “I don’t want to be alone”.

This was when he realised he was an orphan son of a thousand persons: the tree persons, the dog persons, the human persons, the mountain persons and all kinds of other persons he could rest his head on and share presence with.

“We are all sons of a thousand fathers and of a thousand more mothers and loneliness it’s mainly the inability to see any person as belonging to us so that person truly becomes ours, and thus a mutual care is generated”. (Valter Hugo Mãe)

Price : 25 Euros Height: 6cm / Diameter: 80cm

Calixta Porromaia

Family: Succulent gigantes

Porromaia is an inter species being, born from the celebration of what we - all species - have in common. In particular what an actress and a tree have in common: sharing roots, veins, trunks, dirt, water, tentacles, hairs, air, grass, fur, bacteria, bugs, bark, including dog bark and more, but she is none of them in particular. She is a flower that is a tree that is a women that is an actress that needs good soil to stand growing her roots.

Price : 800 Euros Height: 30cm / Diameter: 125cm


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