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Walking Roots Cabaret, a site-specific performance, 14th, 15th, 21st and 22th of August

Eine Ort gebundene Performance,

im Reichen-Hof, Berlin Kreuzberg

14., 15., 21. und 22. August 2020

beim Sonnenuntergang

Regie / Direction: Rita Ferreira

Bühne und Technik / Stage and Technic:

Luís Gabriel

Dramaturgie / Dramaturgy:

Cláudio da Silva und Pedro Vaz Simões

Videos & Trailer:

Pedro Vaz Simões

Keramik / Ceramic:

Ana Luzia Cavaco

Es spielen / With:

Rita Ferreira und Luís Gabriel

Hörspiele / Audio poems:

Paulo B. Menezes und Cláudio da Silva

Mit Musik von Arctic Drilling* und Poesie von Poeta Armando!

Das Kabarett ist das letzte Stück einer Künstlerresidenz während der Covid 19-Pandemie. In einem Garten mit überwiegend heimischen Pflanzen, der vor sieben Jahren ursprünglich als Besetzung eines Berliner Innenhofes durch Permakultur, urban gardening und Street-Art-Aktionen begann.  Nun bestand die Idee den Garten zu einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt weiterzuentwickeln.

The cabaret is the last piece of a 4-month artist residency, made during the Covid 19 pandemic and situated in a garden of mostly local plants. The urban patio turned into an occupied space through permaculture, city gardening and street art interventions over the past 7 years and has now aimed to become a community project.

O cabaret é a última peça de uma residência artística de quatro meses durante a pandemia do Covid 19. Num jardim maioritariamente de plantas locais, que começou por ser a ocupação de um pátio urbano em Berlim através de intervenções de permacultura, city gardening e street art, ao longo dos últimos 7 anos, e que agora pretendeu tornar-se projecto comunitário. 

Walking Roots Cabaret is a site specific performance, biographic theatre and art installation. It is entertainment or annoyance, or a possibility for different species of neighbors, life itself. In a sequence of numbers (more or less fun, more or less human), stories about a woman, her darling, the gardener, and their garden are told. The ghosts remain and all the stages of grief echo as they did in “Happy Days” for Winnie and Willie.

This Cabaret is a duet. Nevertheless, this duet has in itself many and different contributions made from present and memory. Imagine, then, something perfectly imaginable: an actress, that also is a tree, and a gardener, that also is her companion and different things maker, gathering their friends to celebrate what can’t be celebrated in their building’s backyard. 

At the end, as much as in the beginning, there is the whole world still in motion and the topsoil under all of it. Always in need of water, organic substances and permanent cover. 

© How Big Is Your Lebensraum.

* "Centuries" first performed in 2015, from the album Tree,

to be released in September 2020 


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