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Sustainability: Community and Ecosystem

By early spring 2020, the vitality of a whole new system of fauna and flora had become visible, from herbs to flowers, from shrubs to trees, from flower beds to central meadows, and from pots to walls and the railing to the adjoining courtyard still under construction. The healthy growth of the species led us to believe that a balance had been achieved. We had specialist birds and insects, the various areas for human cohabitation had also been gradually furnished and laid out taking into account the suitable sun exposure  for the variety of activities of the residents.

When Covid-19 first sent us all into prolonged quarantines in the buildings, the garden constituted a true oasis of refuge for neighbors never seen before, also prolonging the time of permanence of those who already frequented it, such as the workers in one of the offices, who began, notably, to receive clients in the common space where we continued alone to care for the soil, its animals and plants, as well as for the revitalization of a larger tiled area and the maintenance of the many structures and equipment that we acquired, collected, transformed or built. Once confined, we also began a work of research and artistic collaborations incident within the space itself.